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100 Candle Wicks #755 - 6in for pillars or containers

100 Candle Wicks #755 - 6in for pillars or containers

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100 wicks perfect for making large diameter jars and containers.

Each wick is 6 inches long with a 20mm tab attached to the bottom.

This wick is our #755 cotton braid and is ideal for Paraffin, soy and other natural waxes.

We also have color chips, molds, wicks, tea-light containers (plastic and metal), fragrances, glass containers, wax, pouring pots, thermometers and much more!

Premier 700 series

Cotton braided wicks for all candle types

Our newly developed Premier 700 Series of candle wicks offer many of the ideal burn characteristics that you are looking for in a proper burning candle.

The premier series ability to bend while burning contributes to a cleaner burning candle
The premier Series have been found to work very well in Natural and Soy candles
The premier series are coated with our High Melt Point Wick Wax for added stability in poured candles